Defending the indefensible: BPA back UKPC’s new incentive scheme

As Parking Prankster noted last week, UK Parking Control (UKPC) has launched a new incentive scheme for their parking attendants. Previously, parking companies rewarded their attendants by issuing bonuses related to the number of tickets issued. From 1st October 2015,

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MIL Collections back down

From: Adrian Subject: MIL Collections (Truro) I was written to by MIL six months ago claiming a parking debt of £155 was due to them, as the original car park company had sold them details of a vehicle I own

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Ex-BPA chief gets suspended jail sentence for outraging public decency

Patrick Troy, who was Chief Executive of the British Parking Association until mysteriously resigning in February, received a suspended jail sentence this week for taking ‘up-skirt’ pictures of women on public transport. The BPA’s original press release said he was

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Can I be held liable if I name the driver?

From: jason hi my question is regarding keeper liability..or driver liablity. i understand PoFa part of it. so ntd given, driver not paid. if after receiving the Notice to keeper, the registered keeper names the driver and gives address to

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ISPA to cease operating (take 2)

We reported back in September last year that ISPA, the independent scrutiny board for parking on private land, had ceased operating after the resignation of chair, Nicola Mullany. Prior to the resignation there was a public spat with the BPA

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Are parking companies breaching the DPA for Railways Byelaws tickets?

We recently wrote a piece on the Data Protection Act, and how it applies where keeper data is released to parking companies. Recent case law indicates that if your data is used in a way that breaches the Data Protection

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ISPA to cease operating (press release)

…Or not? The Independent Scrutiny for Parking Appeals (ISPA) board announced on 15th September that it would cease operating from 23rd September. Mysteriously that notice has now gone, as has chair of the board, Nicola Mullany, who has resigned according to Parking

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Beavis: It’s not a fine (video)

Barry Beavis, of Beavis Vs ParkingEye fame, has recorded this video explaining what private parking charges are and how to deal with them…

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The emotional stages of receiving a parking ticket…

When you find a parking ticket on your car, but then you discover — (@ParkingCowboys) June 16, 2016

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The reason POPLA is struggling?

UPDATED Looking at the ISPA scrutiny board’s (the board that oversees POPLA) January minutes, I spotted the most incredible insight into the new POPLA service provider, Ombudsman Services. The minutes discuss how Ombudsman Services are building up a backlog of

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