Readers’ emails: POPLA win against PCM

From: Maureen
Subject: winning a popla appeal

I would like to thank you most sincerely for all the help I found on this site when I embarked on a strong challenge to Parking Control Management. I would be happy to provide the redacted details to you. I made sure that I referenced each point of the appeal against the BPA Code of Practice. My supporting evidence to POPLA was detailed and lengthy and I included reference to POPLA’s newsletter of November 2013 require PPC’s to address all the points raised in the initial letter appealing against the PCN. I quickly heard back from POPLA that PCM had cancelled the charge and it was obvious that PCM neither  wished to supply the information I had requested nor to provide any detail to challenge the issues I had raised.

I challenged on the following grounds:
1.Inadequate signage
2.No uniform or photo identity on the Attendant and no livery.
3.No period of grace
4.No genuine pre-estimate of loss
5. No right to issue PCN’s
6. Failure to address all points raised in initial representation.

I do hope my experience will encourage others to fight these parasites. It was hard work preparing the case and very stressful for two ‘oldies’ but well worth the result. I could not have done it without the help of this site and its contributors: Thank you!


Well done Maureen – hopefully other readers can see how they can beat these companies. Thanks for writing in.

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