Recent updates on the site

Last week we updated our POPLA code checker so that it now identifies the parking company’s POPLA code (e.g. ParkingEye = ‘606’). It’s a small, but hopefully useful change!

Elsewhere on the site we’ve added the following pages:

  • What do I do? – answering the question we most frequently get asked – “I’ve received a parking ticket, what do I do?”
  • About ParkingEye – an article specifically about dealing with everyone’s favourite parking company
  • Private parking for fleet managers – a guide for fleet managers on company car drivers on handling private parking tickets
  • Save-o-meter – provides an indication of how well the fight-back is going on a monthly basis

We’ve got plenty of ideas for new pages coming up, so keep an eye out on here and our Twitter feed.

2 Comments on “Recent updates on the site

  1. Simpler answer to motorway services penalty charges for over 2 hours because you did not see the signs.

    Ask the operator

    Road Chef just cancelled mine and another would have had, I had a receipt for purchase but cut it anyway

    • Good point. It’s always a good idea to ask the land owner to cancel. However, as we saw in the recent post for a lady at Radisson Blu, ParkingEye pressed on with the ticket despite them being told to cancel the ticket.