Readers’ emails: POPLA win against ParkingEye

From: Peter
Subject: POPLA Appeal Successful
I just wanted to thank you for your excellent site. I used the suggested appeal content to dispute a charge of £100 imposed by Parking Eye for exceeding the 3 hour free parking time. My appeal to POPLA was successful on grounds of the charge “not being a genuine pre-estimate of loss”. The operator was unable to evidence commercial justification. Thanks again to you.

Well done Peter. Yet another win based on genuine pre-estimate of loss against ParkingEye.

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One comment on “Readers’ emails: POPLA win against ParkingEye
  1. lily1212 says:

    I have received county court claim for parking over the 3 hrs although I did put in the money for over 3hr (did not check the ticket). I did not receive any corresspondence although they say they sent letters (lies) until the court. I have put in my appeal through the court and they have responded saying I did not pay the amount required and wish to proceed with the CCC. This occured in August 13 but I did not receive the CCC until Feb 2014 so not had the opportunity to appeal through either the Parking Eye or POPLA any advice please.

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