Readers’ emails: Good times, bad times (at ASDA Brighton)

From: Chaz
Subject: ASDA Parking
I received a PCN at ASDA Brighton Marina for exceeding free parking of 3 hours. I parked at 13:00 on a sunday which takes me up to 16:00. However, store shuts at 16:00 so should ticket have been issued ? There are signs on site stating free parking conditions, but no times stating when these conditions apply.

Hi Chaz, logically one would think that ASDA’s reason for employing a car park management firm would be to ensure turnover of parking spaces during their business hours. Outside of business hours, so what if someone stays? It’s not impacting their business – it’s certainly not causing ASDA any loss…

Unfortunately, parking companies exist only to issue parking tickets – for the vast majority this is their only source of income. As Parking Prankster noted today, ParkingEye reportedly pay the landowner at one site £1,000 per week for the privilege of ‘managing’ it.

So, my reading of your situation would that if times aren’t stated, then those conditions apply at all times. However, that is no problem since you can win your POPLA appeal using our handy guide.

Best of luck, PC