Readers’ emails: Wrong registration on Smart Parking ticket

From: Ray
Subject: Incorrect Registration Number

Hi, I parked in Asda, bought a ticket for 2 hours at a cost of £2 refundable at the checkout when spending over £5.
About 15 minutes after parking the car I got a call from work and had to leave, I returned about 50 minutes later and parked in Asda again but in a different space on a different floor from where the dashboard ticket was bought. I went off to complete my shopping, when I returned there was a PCN on the windscreen from Smart Parking Ltd, what I hadn’t realised was that while I was driving backwards and forwards to Asda the ticket had slipped down the dashboard and was no longer visable from the outside.
BUT after opening the PCN I noticed the registration number of my car is incorrect by 1 letter, ( I have a personal plate so example A1 ABC is
A1 ABD on the PCN) my question is should I appeal which will mean giving Smart Parking my address (I have a valid windscreen ticket and a valid timed receipt from Asda or should I just ignore the PCN as there is little chance of being traced due to the incorrect registration, Smart Parking have photo’s on their website of my car but the reg plate cannot be seen clearly in any photo, I know my reg no. but I cannot make it out in the photo’s.
Thank you in advance for any help.

Hi Ray, I’ve added a new page covering the ‘wrong details on ticket’ scenario to the website. Hope this answers your question! If you want to read more about Smart Parking who operate in Asda car parks, look here.

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  1. They will aso have a photo of your reg and will be able to get your adsress from the DVLA.