Readers’ emails: Who can get my details from DVLA?

From: Andy
Subject: Ticket from BPA member (UKPC)
Your website states “Non-members of ATAs are not able to get the registered keepers details from the DVLA.”. I had a ticket posted to me from UKPC, who are BPA members. They must have got my address from DVLA: Is this significant?

Hi Andy, the BPA is one of two Accredited Trade Associations (ATAs) for the parking industry, the other being the IPC (Independent Parking Committee). So as a member of an ATA, UK Parking Control (UKPC) are able to get keeper details from the DVLA.

There are some operators who are not members of any ATA and this means they do not have access to DVLA data. As a result, if you do not tell them who the driver was (for example by appealing and giving away your details), then they have no way of tracking you down to try and enforce the ticket.