Readers’ emails: JAS cancel ticket

From: Fiona

Thanks to information on your site I have just received confirmation from POPLA that JAS Parking Solutions have cancelled their parking charge notice (orginally issued at the end March – then subsequent correspondence sent in September from Parking Debt Collectors asking for £114). I sent an appeal directly to JAS, at first based on disproportionate charge on ticket, unreasonable issue of ticket (for leaving the car park to go elsewhere for about 15 minutes!). They responded with what I imagine are standard replies to these appeals. Then after further reading (on your site) I found they were in breach of the Freedom of Information Act 2012 because of the timescale between issue of ticket and parking notice. I appealed to them again directly, but they basically refused to comment on these appeal and said I had to decided whether to go to POPLA. Even though at this stage I was confident they must have realised this was a very valid reason why they could’t uphold the charge I decided to appeal to POPLA to be on the safe side. Although I now have a sense of satisfaction that I haven’t had to pay any charges, it still has caused some level of stress and wasted a lot of my time researching and appealing. These companies really are scum!! Thanks again for a great site though – very helpful.

Well done!