Monday (una)musing

Another week, another apologist article from the BPA Ltd. And yet again I find my blood boiling by the utter tripe spouted.

Responsible motorists never get a ticket” is the title of this week’s work of fiction. However, about 3 inches below that statement, the author admits half of the tickets are cancelled when appealed. Surely, if they’re unfairly issued tickets, then the motorist wasn’t being irresponsible?

But then the BPA aren’t great with logic. Further on in the article the author resorts to their usual lack of logic using straw men and slippery slopes to justify the private parking business model. They claim most motorists don’t think car parks need managing, and that chaos would ensue without it. BPA, can I see your research?

Most of the campaign community agree that there is a need for car park management. But, we want it to be fair, lawful, and proportionate.

Just tonight I’ve been reading a terrible story about ParkingEye suing the parents of a seriously ill child for overstaying in a hospital car park. Were the childs parents being irresponsible? Should they have left the child to go and move their car? It’s despicable, and the BPA should be ashamed of themselves for overseeing an industry that behaves like this. This isn’t an isolated case, we hear about these all the time.

Anyway, I will sleep easy tonight safe in the knowledge that so far only 81 others have suffered this article. On the other hand, the fightback campaign (that their piece is in response to) has gained a few thousand signups this weekend, and my site hit an all time record number of hits last week.

Winter is coming, BPA.

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  1. Best to be a hot potato – then they’ll leave you alone – it’ll cost them. Y/e: 31/3/2013 PE issued 600,000 parking charge tickets. 13,000 court papers were issued (2% of total – 250 per week),of those only 289 made it to court (2% of previous total – about 6 per week – only those PE reckon to win but they often don’t). Best thing appeal citing genuine pre-estimate of loss (under not liable for charge) but keep on fighting!!