Readers’ emails: Wrong registration court case won!

“From: Carol
Subject: Case dismissed

I thought you may be interested in this.
My long awaited appearance at Halifax CC took place on Friday 14th November 2014. I was in front of the DJ by 2pm and out by 2.20 – case dismissed! If you remember the Barnsley case when the intended victim put in to the machine the reg number plate of his second car? Well my case was identical apart from my husband putting onto the machine his own registration number. He the went on to ignore all correspondence until I was asked to sign for documents served on me on my doorstep. The case was adjourned last January thanks to an amicus curae submission re Judge Maloney to the Court. The DJ asked Parking Eye’s legal rep some pointed questions about signage on the car park; Parking Eye’s legal rep could not inform her of  the location of the sign which was the mainstay of their case – i.e. the sign instructing the intended victim to key in their own registration. Following a few fumbles through his bundle of papers he gave up on finding the killer document. His time ran out so the DJ dismissed the case. He had the cheek to ask for costs and that was a futile request.
Thanks for you encouragement and support.
Carol H”

A good result. Hopefully that will give encouragement to others in  a similar situation – well done!