ParkingCowboys template appeal scares off ParkingEye

From: adrian

Hi. My wife received a charge notice for parking in Aldi Southampton from Parking eye. We used your template letter to appeal and they cancelled the charge straight away. So, thank you very much. Adrian

That’s great news. What I’m guessing this means is that they realise once motorists find this site, they will learn how to get tickets cancelled. Our POPLA guide page contains details of how to almost guarantee your ticket gets cancelled at POPLA. If ParkingEye tickets go to a POPLA appeal, then that costs them about £30 irrespective of the outcome. So, my assumption is that they realise that there’s no point fighting a reader – it will only cost them money! 🙂

If anyone else wants to use the letter, find it here –> Template appeal letter

1 Comment on “ParkingCowboys template appeal scares off ParkingEye

  1. An enormous thanks to you all at Parking Cowboys.

    Just received a letter from MET Parking Services cancelling a ‘Parking Charge Notice’ issued by camera at a McDonald’s at 1.30a.m. on a midweek morning after sitting ‘too long’ in their car park eating their food(that should be illegal!).

    They cancelled the Notice after I sent your superb Template letter.They even apologised ‘for any inconvenience that may have been caused.’

    It feels like a great moral as well as financial victory and can’t praise you enough for the excellent advice,time and effort you’ve put in to providing the information you have on your site to help the put upon motorist.

    Keep up the great work.