McDonalds, Toys R Us, Matalan, Aldi – ParkingEye are losing you customers!

To the directors of retail outlets,

Please have a look at this selection of tweets from YOUR customers. Well, I say customers, I doubt they will return.

Ask yourself this: Is this loss of business worth the value that ParkingEye bring?

The problem is that ParkingEye’s goals in your relationship are different to yours. You want to stop people abusing your facilities (e.g. park there all day whilst at work), whilst ParkingEye want to ticket as many cars as they can. The problem is that genuine customers get caught in the crossfire. Would you want to punish your customer for staying 12 minutes longer in your car park? Of course you wouldn’t. Unfortunately, whilst you employ these sorts of company, they will drive away your customers, and their family, and their friends.

Get rid.



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