Beavis appeal registered, POPLA stay cases

Barry Beavis has finally registestered his appeal to the Supreme Court, having gathered the funds over the past month. It’s not yet clear when the case will be heard. In the filing, John De Waal QC (Barry’s counsel) has requested an expedited hearing potentially with another case being heard in July 2015. However, the court could schedule it as late as mid to late 2016.

POPLA has reacted to the news by confirming they will stay cases until after the Supreme Court has ruled on the case. Leading up to the Court of Appeal hearing, ParkingEye requested that relevant POPLA cases were stayed pending the outcome of the case. Given ParkingEye were routinely losing cases on the genuine pre-estimate of loss argument with each case costing them £27, staying the cases halted their losing streak. Following the filing, POPLA have decided to continue with this principle until after the Supreme Court case.

Interestingly, since the POPLA function is due to be transferred to another supplier before the Supreme Court case, it will create a big backlog of cases for them!