The driver lives abroad, can they hold the UK keeper liable?


I have read your website and the Blog, very good information and advise to motorist.

I was wondering whether you can assist me with something please.

I note from you website  ( especially on the question that has been asked.

“So, the question we are answering is as follows: I am the registered keeper and not the driver who parked the car – can a private parking company make me pay a parking charge I have not incurred?

Short answer
No, if you give that PPC the name and address of the driver of your car who allegedly parked it in a private car park contrary to the car park’s terms and conditions. The PPC must have served a notice on you asking you to provide that information.”
I have scenario, if the driver of my vehicle who allegedly parked it in a private car park contrary to the car park’s terms and conditions lives  abroad, and i have provide the PPC the name of the driver and the address where they live abroad, is the PPC still able to pursue the registered keeper to pay for the parking charge because they cannot get in touch with driver.

What does the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, states about this matter.

An example of this , one of my relatives lives in Kenya and came to visit here in UK and took my vehicle and I received a parking charge.

can i provide the name and address of the person who was diving the vehicle, as their address is based in Kenya under PO box address.

your assistance in this matter is highly appreciated.


Hi there, the address for the driver does not need to be in the UK, the Protection of Freedoms Act simply requires an address that “the driver for the time being resides or can conveniently be contacted”. If that happens to be abroad, so be it – the parking company will have to contact them through that address. Unfortunately for the parking company, they will find it very difficult to enforce a parking charge on someone residing abroad.

There have reportedly been cases similar to yours where a driver has been named abroad but the parking company has still tried to enforce the ticket against the keeper. In this case you should complain (see our complaints guide) since you as the keeper have discharged your responsibility by naming the driver.

Best of luck