Does a misspelt name on my parking ticket invalidate it?

From: Jonathon

Received parking charge notice from parking eye but my name is spelt wrongly do I have a chance of appeIng this

Hi Jonathon (I assume that’s the correct spelling?), the short answer is no, the misspelling won’t make any difference to whether the ticket is enforceable or not.

You provide little detail in your email, but I’m assuming you’ve received a Notice to Keeper through the post as a result of an ANPR parking ticket. Having recorded your car on their ANPR camera, the parking company will have made a request to DVLA to get the keeper’s details, and from that generated a Notice to Keeper to send to you. The larger companies will probably automate this, so the NTK should match the DVLAs records exactly. Some of the smaller companies may manually transcribe the keeper names from the DVLA’s systems to their own – perhaps the source of the misspelling?

Anyway, the key point is that is makes no material difference to whether the driver formed a contract with the parking company and broke the parking rules, triggering the ticket to be issued. We get many similar emails where the parking company get the colour or the model wrong on the ticket, but it is largely irrelevant assuming that it was your car and the parking event did take place.

On a more positive note, that does not mean you can’t appeal the charge. There are many different ways of fighting the ticket depending on the specifics of the event. I suggest you have a read through my site and learn how to fight it – best of luck.