I’ve lost my UKPC parking ticket appeal, what should I do?

From: Dominic
Subject: Advice about a parking ticket

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Hi I have been fighting UKPC who have issues me with 4 tickets for parking in my carparking space that is par of my rental agreemnet. However i have appealed to popla already and they have ruled in favor of UKPC. I have tried to negotiate with UKPC and through the property management company but they are still insisting that i pay over £200 for parking without a permit. The reason no permit was displayed as we had a contractor in to fix out boiler and we gave our permit to then for the duration of the work. I tried to call the management company to get a second permit before i received any tickets but they had not opened and i did not get a call back as they promised i would. After receiving several tickets the management company finally put my car on the exemptions list. but Two of the four tickets i never received the ticket on my windscreen however they have photos on there website showing there was. I stated adamantly that i have never received these. I have run out of options and have had and read too many conflicting reports. Im not sure if the land deeds state anything about a parking scheme although i have asked my landlady, however she is out of the country at present so cannot find out just yet.

Any help or advice you can offer would be much appreciated as im not sure where else to turn except to pay these extortionists.

Kind regards

Since you have already lost your POPLA appeals, unless you pay, UKPC would have to take you to county court to enforce payment. If they were to do that, they would have to issue a letter before claim before issuing formal court papers. If that happens they you can either pay up, or fight it. You could fight it yourself with help from the forums, or you could get a solicitor, although that is likely to outweigh the costs of paying up.

As I see it, you have nothing to lose by waiting for them to issue the claim. Bear in mind that they do have up to 6 years to issue it. Also bear in mind that if you were to move house UKPC can’t be relied upon to update your address on their records – it has been known for claims to go undefended when they have been sent to the address at the time. In this case the judgement can be withdrawn, but it’s not a simple or cheap process.

Best of luck,