Parking Wars, Tuesday 15th September 8pm on ITV

From the producers that brought you Parking Mad…

Starting on Tuesday 15th September is a three part series about parking called Parking Wars. This is the blurb from the production company:

Battles over parking occur every day on our streets – in this series we meet the warriors … on both sides of the yellow lines.
In the seaside town of Whitby the council have introduced parking measures that some find very confusing including a controversial park and ride scheme. In advance of the annual Goth Festival, bed and breakfast owner Peter leads the charge against the council’s restrictions.
On the streets of Dewsbury and Huddersfield, we meet and follow Lily – she’s coming out of the parking office and putting her yellow peril vest on for the first time. She’ll be on the frontline of civil enforcement – dishing out tickets and learning to deal with the dislike for civil enforcement officers….will she stay the course?
Dr Wilson is one of many Traffic Tribunal appellants, hoping to get off his £60 fine for driving on the outskirts of Manchester in a bus lane. The day before his tribunal, he returns to the scene of his crime with his trusty ruler and tape measure, to prepare for his case
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