Another poke in the ParkingEye!

From: Roger
Subject: Success – ParkingEye Chelmsford…..!!!

Using your site info, I have just won against ParkingEye Parking charge of £85-for 2hrs 36mins against 2hrs.
Wrote a letter to them detailing exorbitant charge (nearby a council car park charges £2.90 for 3 hours), signage incorrect and not a genuine pre-estimate of loss. Sent a cheque for £9.90 (£2.90 + £7 to cover admin) explained if cashed then would be indicative of full & final settlement. They did cash & wrote back cancelling ticket – a result
Thanks one and all – you can win!!

Hi Roger,

Well done on your win. I think covering their costs since you went over time was a fair thing to do; certainly a much fairer settlement than their £85 ‘fine’. If you had taken ParkingEye to independent appeal and claimed that it wasn’t a genuine pre-estimate of loss, then you would probably have won your appeal anyway. Still, I think this is a fair outcome.

Thanks for taking the time to write in, PC