Help, I’ve got a CCJ from ParkingEye!

From: Julie
Subject: Advice about a parking ticket

I received a Parking Ticket through the post. This happened whilst in Devon. I was told by Parking Eye that I couldn’t use POPLA. I tried to appeal by sending in the acknowledgment of service stating that I couldn’t get the evidence until I returned to Devon but received a CCJ. I would still like to appeal this as I feel that I have been misled and treated extremely unfairly. I do not dispute that I was in the car park for the length of time but I was there as a customer using the shops. I did not see the signage as it was covered by trees, it was August. I returned in October and took photographs which still showed the signs partially covered. I would like to try and get the CCJ removed from my file. Please advise.

Hi Julie,

Take a look at this piece I’ve written on what County Court Judgements (CCJs) are, and most importantly, how to get them set aside (cancelled). If you do nothing, it will affect your credit record, so its important that you act.

Best of luck, PC