ParkingEye caught me bang to rights – is it worth appealing?

From: Paul

i have got a parking ticket off parking eye, i stayed in a car park that was an hour stay only, the ticket says i stayed for 2 hours 45 mins, which i did. is there any point to appealing?

The simple answer is YES, you should appeal.

You have broken the rules of the car park. However, that still does not give ParkingEye the right to demand £100 from you. Contract law does not allow a private entity to fine other parties for breaking a contract. Contract law allows for them only to put them back in the position they would otherwise have been in had you not broken their rules – i.e. they can recover the loss you have caused them. If it was a free car park, then what loss have you caused them? Probably nothing. If it was a paid for car park, then how much have you not paid them for the additional 1h 45m – £1? 2? In any case they will not be able to demonstrate their loss was anywhere near £100.

If you don’t want to pay ParkingEye’s charge, then appeal at the first stage using our template appeal letter, and then at the second stage independent appeal (known as POPLA) citing the Genuine Pre-Estimate of Loss argument (GPEOL). The GPEOL argument is almost always upheld at POPLA, resulting in your parking ticket being cancelled.

Best of luck, PC.


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  1. Absolutely appeal. I done one for a family friend who had overcooked the time by 36 minutes in a Parking(sh)Eye(sters) infested car park. I used the tried and tested GPEOL, signage and standing (by PE) to bring action against drivers. PE offered the usual resistance but when the POPLA appeal was submitted PE didn’t send in one single scrap of ‘evidence’. The appeal was allowed. If you’re not up to it yourself then Private Parking Appeals will do a cracking appeal for small money, refunding it in the unlikely event of failure, thus leaving you exactly where you are now. What’s not to like about that?