POPLA win against ParkingEye!

From: Colette

Just to say thank you for this very useful and informative site. I’ve have just learned that I have been successful in my appeal to POPLA against a £100 fine imposed by Parking Eye for going 12 minutes over the 2 hours paid for. The panel found that Parking eye failed to show it adhered to section 21.1 of the BPA CoP as it failed to show that APNR starts from enterning the carpark, not the time of ticket purchase.

Thanks for your email Colette. Glad you found our POPLA appeal guide useful – this is a really good point for ParkingEye appeals. The section in question is:

21.1) You may use ANPR camera technology to manage, control and enforce parking in private car parks, as long as you do this in a reasonable, consistent and transparent manner. Your signs at the car park must tell drivers that you are using this technology and what you will use the data captured by ANPR cameras for.

And right now, most ANPR car parks don’t meet the part highlighted in bold… 😉