MIL Collections back down

From: Adrian
Subject: MIL Collections (Truro)

I was written to by MIL six months ago claiming a parking debt of £155 was due to them, as the original car park company had sold them details of a vehicle I own allegedly not parked properly in the marked bay. With thanks to your website, I ignored this approach. MIL issued a County Court summons to which I responded I would defend. I sent no communication at all to MIL. I refused court mediation and quoted the Champerty and Maintenance defence, in relation to the exccessive amount claimed for MIL’s £1 loss, plus questioned the right to sue me without any evidence whatever that I was the driver. One week before the hearing I received a letter from MIL with Form N279 Notice of Discontinuance.
Thanks for your work and I recommend everyone stands up to these bullies. I am happy for this go go onto your website to encourage others.

Thanks Adrian! If any other readers receive demands from MIL, then you should read this piece too on how to fight them.

2 Comments on “MIL Collections back down

  1. We are up in court on 18th in exactly the same circumstances. Hopefully this will go the same way. I am using the same defence. We are adamant that we will go all the way on this. These bullies need standing upto.