Smart motorist calls MIL’s bluff

From: Robert

Hi. Just thought I’d chip in with my case regarding MIL Collections Ltd. Thanks to your website, I decided to ignore all correspondence from these chancers regarding a parking notice debt that they had bought off DRP (debt recovery plus ltd) who originally demanded £175 for a parking notice.

In a nutshell, I parked in Manchester City Centre and 3 months later, received a demand for £175 off DRP. I ignored their many demands of varying amounts and threats of court action.

I then received a letter from DRP to say they had sold the debt to MIL Collections Ltd. They demanded increasing amounts, which I ignored, and they eventually informed me they were taking me to court. The court sent me a letter informing me MIL had applied for CCJ and did I want to mediate, defend myself or plead guilty. I entered a defence on the form the court sent me stating champerty and maintenance and could they prove who was driving. A couple of weeks later the court wrote me again to say the judge has struck out the case because the particulars of the claim do not comply with CPR 16.4 (1) (a).

So. My advice is. Ignore all correspondence with these debt collection people but do not ignore the court papers. Elect to defend yourself by entering onto the paperwork that the court sends you. You are clearly then calling their bluff regarding actually going to court rather than accepting court mediation (which would inevitably involve you paying a financial settlement with MIL). MIL clearly didn’t want to risk court costs so they obviously didn’t actually execute their threat to actually go to court. Thanks.

Well done, Robert!