1 *million* increase in private parking tickets last year

Despite the government planning to crack down on private parking companies with the Parking (Code of Practice) Act, they still managed to issue a record number of tickets last year. In the 2018-19 financial year, they issued 6.8 million tickets, up by over a million from the preceding 12 months. Incredibly, the number of tickets issued has rocketed by 10 times in 10 years, where they issued just 687,000 tickets in 2008-09.

The numbers come from the DVLA who hold the underlying keeper data. This data is critical to the private parking industry who need to request the keeper’s address in order to chase them for payment. The DVLA charge £2.50 per request, meaning that they are pocketing £17 million per year from the private parking industry.

The biggest individual requestor of data was ParkingEye, who obtained 1.85 million records alone.

The table below provides a break down by year.

Financial yearKeeper records issued by DVLA
2018-196.8 million
2017-185.65 million
2016-174.71 million
2015-163.67 million
2014-153.06 million
2013-142.43 million
2012-131.89 million
2011-121.57 million
2010-111.17 million
2009-101.03 million
Total33.44 million