DVLA in breach of GDPR?

A firm of lawyers is putting together a group litigation, claiming that the DVLA are in breach of the General Data Protection Regulations by selling registered keeper data to private parking companies.

Where parking companies wish to issue a parking ticket by post, they need to get that data from the DVLA. The DVLA offer this service, charging the parking company £2.50 per go. In 2018 the DVLA received over £16m from this service.

The case is being brought by Keller Lenkner. The basis of their case is that the data is provided for vehicle registration purposes, and the DVLA are breaching the regulations by using it for a different purpose, and generating an income from that.

They are looking for cases where keepers have received a private parking charge since 2016 to add to the group litigation. Find out more https://kellerlenkner-databreach.co.uk/dvla/