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Received a ticket from a private parking company? We may be able to help – our team of appeal handlers have many years of experience in dealing with these, and can boast a high percentage success rate in getting tickets cancelled.

The landscape for private tickets changed on in 2015, when the Supreme Court ruled against Barry Beavis in his legal challenge to ParkingEye’s right to issue penalties to motorists. But this need not mean it’s game over for the motorist – there are lots of reasons why such tickets may not be enforceable. Our single ticket appeal fee is £19.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Private Parking Appeals do?
In short, we handle your parking ticket for you, giving you the best chance of having it cancelled. Our team of experts know the laws and the loopholes for private parking tickets, and use this knowledge to write appeals. We write both appeals to the parking company and/or the independent appeals service (aka POPLA or IAS). Our team have years of experience of writing appeals and court defences and know exactly how to deal with each company and case type, giving you the best chance of winning.

Do you fight tickets from all parking companies?
We will appeal tickets issued by parking companies who are members of the British Parking Association (BPA) or the Independent Parking Committee (IPC) which covers virtually all parking companies in the UK.

How successful are you?
Our team boast a very high success rate in getting tickets cancelled. In fact, some parking companies will cancel the ticket as soon as they know Private Parking Appeals are involved to save themselves the cost of processing the appeal!

Can’t I do this myself?
Of course you can, using information from sites such as Parking Cowboys or the online forums. However, this means you have to put in the effort to understand the industry and associated law to give you a chance of winning your appeal. For those that can’t put in that effort, or aren’t confident enough to do it themselves, we can help.

How do I register my appeal with you?
1) Simply fill in the enquiry form below and you will receive an enquiry receipt confirmation by email. You will be prompted to make a payment.  Please ensure that you read our terms and conditions regarding any refunds and money back guarantee applicable.
2) Please ensure that you complete the form and description as accurately as possible, and ensure that if this is a postal charge, the details match those on the enquiry form.  To expedite your case promptly, please ensure that you email copies of the correspondence/parking charge notice as soon as possible.
3) Whilst, we  aim to be in contact by email within 3 working days after payment and you will be allocated to a case handler.   Please note that all cases are triaged and that at peak times,  there may be a delay in assignment.  Please email us if you have any concerns regarding a delay in processing your case.

Please note: we usually contact customers via email, unless the matter is particularly urgent. Our call handling staff are not able to discuss specific cases – the best method of contacting your case handler is via email.

What happens next?
Once you have made your enquiry and paid our fee,  your case will be assessed centrally and you will be allocated to a case handler.    Whilst we aim to do this within three working days at peak times this may take a little longer,  as we triage cases coming in.

To assist us please ensure that you describe accurately what stage you are at in this process and complete the form as accurately as possible.  Please make a special note if this is a hire/lease or company car and you are not the registered keeper.

What are your fees?
Our fee of £19.00 will cover most scenarios with appeals, debt collector or LBCCC stage and will cover any stage up to and including the provision of an initial suggested defence in the event you have received a court claim.  In the event you have multiple tickets, then please make an initial payment of the £19.00 and we will get back to you – please state the PCN nos on the enquiry form.

If your enquiry relates to a court claim, please see our legal service for details of the service and the associated fees.

Please note, terms and conditions apply.

Will you assess my case before paying?
We’re not a free advice service, and so we need to know customers are genuinely interested in our services. If you wish to make a general enquiry then you can do so, please ensure you detail what stage you are at in the process so we can provide a balanced view on any assistance we can provide.

However, please do NOT make a payment for our service if you have received a default judgment for claimant or if you have already paid the parking charge as any refund will incur an admin charge.

What if you fail?
We only take on cases we think we can win. However, case law is ever evolving, so we can never be 100% certain we will win.

Who are you?
The team behind Private Parking Appeals are some of the most active and well known contributors to the online forums. We live and breath this stuff, fighting to reform the industry to protect consumer rights. We are a registered limited company (registration number SC492116), and we’re also registered with the Information Commissioners Office (registration number ZA088846).

I’m still not sure…
Take a look at our testimonials page where we should feedback from some of our most recent customers. Also, have a look at our terms and conditions.

How do I get started?
Just fill the enquiry form below and one of our team will get back to you…

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I have read the Terms & Conditions, and I authorise Private Parking Appeals to act on my behalf in all matters relating to this ticket, including appeals to the Operator, to POPLA or the IAS, and contact with the landowner.

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