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County court parking cases – Thurs 6th Dec 2018

Birmingham E5GF55C0 Euro Parking Services Wood Birmingham E2DP304Z Excel Parking Services Ochnik Brighton E4GF6T89 UK Car Park Management Cole Burnley E2FC1Y67 ParkingEye Panson-hughes Set Aside Canterbury E0GF3C3W Parking Control Management (UK) Taylor Canterbury E5GF2T68 UK Car Park Management Massey Canterbury

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County court parking cases – Weds 5th Dec 2018

Barnsley E1DP6F84 Vehicle Control Services Burdekin Bromley D3GF41AW / 2 Parking Control Management (UK) Grant Post Set Aside Durham E3FC7E4T ParkingEye Howe Set Aside Guildford E8QZ7X88 UK Parking Control Jenkins Guildford E3FC3Y94 ParkingEye Garman Luton E2GF6M018 Parking and Property Management

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County court parking cases – Mon 3rd Dec 2018

BarnstapleE4FC8A7K ParkingEyeDanner BasildonD0FC1V2NParkingEyeAbelsSet AsideBirminghamD2HW5Q3PUK Parking ControlPrestige Drive Style Ltd BristolE8QZ5A95Vehicle Control ServicesKirkpatrick CardiffB9AU7H6XIndigo Park Services UKCrosbySet AsideChesterfieldE6QZ782ZVehicle Control ServicesWalker ClerkenwellE4HW3J08 CP PlusAlao ClerkenwellE9GF05N4 Parking Control Management (UK)Sharifi ClerkenwellE1FC24N1ParkingEyeVasiliou ClerkenwellE4FC1V81ParkingEyeHawksley ClerkenwellE3GF7T72 UK Car Park ManagementRaju DarlingtonE3GM8Z57Civil EnforcementBeaumont DarlingtonE7QZ6E82Excel Parking ServicesDay EdmontonE2GF0T92Pace

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County court parking cases – Friday 30th Nov 2018

Aldershot E3GF5T25 UK Car Park Management Murphy Aldershot E5GF1T14 UK Car Park Management Prezhdarov Barnet E3GM601Q Civil Enforcement Scheffer Set Aside Bristol E3FC5D65 ParkingEye Butt Croydon E3GF7T08 UK Car Park Management Nedzi Darlington E7FC1Y3C ParkingEye Beckett-Wise Set Aside Derby E3FC2Y44

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County court parking cases – Thurs 28th November 2018

Bedford2018-11-29E2GF8T35UK Car Park ManagementSabini Bedford2018-11-29E3GF1T99UK Car Park ManagementBenham Bedford2018-11-29E3GM7W17Civil Enforcement LtdIbrahim Blackpool2018-11-29E3FC3Y77ParkingEyeGrainger Blackwood2018-11-29C6DP61Q8Excel Parking ServicesMitchell Bristol2018-11-29E4GM03D1Civil EnforcementAdetayoSet AsideCoventry2018-11-29E2FC95Q1ParkingEyeWebberley Gloucester2018-11-29E9GM12R4Civil EnforcementMacleod Manchester2018-11-29D3GF76Y2SIP ParkingCar Care Management Manchester2018-11-29E3QZ8K55SIP ParkingCollinsSet AsideNorth Shields2018-11-29E5FC7V73 ParkingEyeErskine Sheffield2018-11-29E5DP1887Vehicle Control ServicesWestSet AsideSlough2018-11-29E3FC41Y6ParkingEyeChaudhry Slough2018-11-29E9GF12N2Parking Control Management (UK)Shah Watford2018-11-29E4GF7T04UK Car Park

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County court parking cases – Weds 28th November 2018

Tomorrow’s list Brentford 2018-11-28 E6GF27C3 Parking Control Management (UK) Farah Brentford 2018-11-28 D3GF45EM Uk Car Park Management Grover Bromley 2018-11-28 D8GF6Z2A Pace Recovery And Storage Goulding Caernarfon 2018-11-28 E7QZ7E4T Excel Parking Services Munasinghe Cardiff 2018-11-28 E7GF9Q05 Link Parking Plazzon Cardiff

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County court parking cases – Monday 26th November 2018

Barnet    2018-11-26    D3FC80GW     ParkingEye    WHITE    Set Aside Basildon    2018-11-26    E4GF695R     Link Parking    GBOGI    Set Aside Birmingham    2018-11-26    E7DP563T    Excel Parking Services    Razaq Bristol    2018-11-26    E1FC90Y8     ParkingEye    Gogan Bromley    2018-11-26    E6GM10J8     Civil Enforcement    ADJOVU Clerkenwell    2018-11-26    E8GF6E25   

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Link Parking lose in Bristol (again)

Case Case No. D8GF2F8Z Claimant – Link Parking Ltd. Defendant – Mr. A Background The PCN was issued at a private block of apartments in Bristol city center. Basically, the property management company temporarily introduced a parking management scheme owing

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Parking (Code of Practice) Bill Committee meeting (Video)

On Thursday this week the Parking (Code of Practice) Bill Committee met to discuss the new legislation. The parking companies were again torn to shreds by MPs, being described as “rogues, extortionists, scammers, and scoundrels who cannot be trusted to

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Hospital worker wins court case against Gemini

From: Jason Hi, just wanted to tell you about my experience in small claims in Manchester today. I was being taken to court by Gemini for allegedly parking at Stepping Hill Hospital and not paying for a ticket. I started

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