Link Parking lose in Bristol (again)

Case Case No. D8GF2F8Z Claimant – Link Parking Ltd. Defendant – Mr. A Background The PCN was issued at a private block of apartments in Bristol city center. Basically, the property management company temporarily introduced a parking management scheme owing

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Parking (Code of Practice) Bill Committee meeting (Video)

On Thursday this week the Parking (Code of Practice) Bill Committee met to discuss the new legislation. The parking companies were again torn to shreds by MPs, being described as “rogues, extortionists, scammers, and scoundrels who cannot be trusted to

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Hospital worker wins court case against Gemini

From: Jason Hi, just wanted to tell you about my experience in small claims in Manchester today. I was being taken to court by Gemini for allegedly parking at Stepping Hill Hospital and not paying for a ticket. I started

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A clever tip to prove you didn’t ‘double dip’

From: Darren Hi, I notice that you have some bits on your site about “Double Dipping” and some advise that might help people who have had this scam tried. I recently was double dipped in Sainsbury’s in Kidderminster. I went

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Smart motorist calls MIL’s bluff

From: Robert Hi. Just thought I’d chip in with my case regarding MIL Collections Ltd. Thanks to your website, I decided to ignore all correspondence from these chancers regarding a parking notice debt that they had bought off DRP (debt

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Readers’ emails: Link Parking beaten in Bristol

From: Alan I have just successfully defended a case in Bristol CC brought against me by Link Parking. The judge was very critical of them relying on the Beavis case for a car park that is enclosed behind security fencing

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GP ‘unhappy with ruthlessness’ of Creative Parking

From: Scott Hi there, We have an area of our town that has a hospital and two GP practices, but there is no alternative on street parking or other alternatives anywhere near them, even though they are out of the

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Readers’ emails: Two Smart Parking tickets, two successfully defended

From: Jez Hi. Just wanted to say thank you for the information on this site. I fell victim to the Fistral Beach racket twice while on holiday last October. I contested one on the grounds the signage is contrary to

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Readers’ emails: No defence against cowboy parkers!

From: Ron At your page you have a paragraph on “No authority”, which states: “If the leaseholder leases the space, then the management company does not have rights over it to contract in a parking company.” If you are correct,

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If you’ve had a ticket at Fistral Beach…

Top tip if you’ve had a ticket from Smart Parking at Fistral Beach. They have a 15 minute grace period, so if your ticket was issued for an overstay of less than 15 they will cancel it. Call them on

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