Readers’ emails: PCM UK beaten in court

I parked in a residential bay in a private carpark run by PCM uk.  I displayed a disabled badge as my father was in the car with me. When I returned I had received a yellow sticker that looked very

VCS lose again, judge notes they have no case

From: Alexander Hi, I’ve just come out of court after successfully defending a claim from VCS [Vehicle Control Services]. Just wanted to say a quick thanks to you for the information on your site. It has been invaluable. The hearing

1 *million* increase in private parking tickets last year

Despite the government planning to crack down on private parking companies with the Parking (Code of Practice) Act, they still managed to issue a record number of tickets last year. In the 2018-19 financial year, they issued 6.8 million tickets,

Readers’ emails: District Enforcement lose in court

From: Daniel Just to let you know we won district enforcement ltd v Robinson at Chester Confusing signage which does not state what is short stay as contradicts there signage. We were awarded 200.00 by the judge payable in 14

Readers emails: Civil Enforcement (CEL) fail in couirt

From: Mark I have just been to Court with CEL, i won my defence within minutes. The reason was that the signage states a fine of £100 but does not have a brakedown of additional charges,so Judge asked their Barrister

Readers emails: Faded car park markings

From: Guy Hi, Where can I find any information/advice re legally how clear car park surface markings/signage should be i.e. Is there a case for appeal if said surface markings are faded/not clear Thanks Hi Guy. I assume you’re talking

Readers emails: We’re not the cowboys you’re looking for…

From: [Redacted] Hi I’m enquiring if you have any civil enforcement jobs going I’m an experienced enforcement officer and am looking for a second job doing it I currently work for ukpc and am looking for another 30 hours a

Link Parking lose in Bristol (again)

Case Case No. D8GF2F8Z Claimant – Link Parking Ltd. Defendant – Mr. A Background The PCN was issued at a private block of apartments in Bristol city center. Basically, the property management company temporarily introduced a parking management scheme owing

Parking (Code of Practice) Bill Committee meeting (Video)

On Thursday this week the Parking (Code of Practice) Bill Committee met to discuss the new legislation. The parking companies were again torn to shreds by MPs, being described as “rogues, extortionists, scammers, and scoundrels who cannot be trusted to

Hospital worker wins court case against Gemini

From: Jason Hi, just wanted to tell you about my experience in small claims in Manchester today. I was being taken to court by Gemini for allegedly parking at Stepping Hill Hospital and not paying for a ticket. I started