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ISPA to cease operating (press release)

…Or not? The Independent Scrutiny for Parking Appeals (ISPA) board announced on 15th September that it would cease operating from 23rd September. Mysteriously that notice has now gone, as has chair of the board, Nicola Mullany, who has resigned according to Parking

Beavis: It’s not a fine (video)

Barry Beavis, of Beavis Vs ParkingEye fame, has recorded this video explaining what private parking charges are and how to deal with them…

ISPA concerned about Wright Hassall’s independence

Last month we wrote about our concern for Wright Hassall being appointed as the BPA’s private parking appeals service provider for the ‘GPEOL 3,500’. In short, these were the 3,500 cases that London Councils stayed pending the outcome of the

Justice for the ‘GPEOL 3,500’

Earlier this week I heard rumours that a solicitors firm had been appointed to assess the outstanding 3,500 so called ‘GPEOL’ POPLA cases. I was very much surprised at the name of that solicitor, but I will come back to

Beavis loses battle, wins war?

Today the Department for Communities and Local Government announced several new regulatory reforms set to be introduced on 6th April 2016. These includes: Amendments to off-street parking legislation will balance the right of land owners to control the use of

A better alternative to the parking ticket…

I was sent this interesting video on an experiment to stop people abusing disabled spaces. I think you’ll agree this would be far more effective than sending £100 fines in the post after the event…

Am I unreasonable to not name the driver?

From: John Subject: General enquiry Hi, One of your pages says that the registered keeper has no obligation in law to name the driver. As the keeper of a vehicle, I have received a request from a PPC to name

Want to end unfair parking fines? Sign this petition

Barry Beavis has started a petition against disproportionate private parking tickets. Following his loss at the Supreme Court, case law has now been set that allows parking companies to issue arbitrary parking charges. Until this judgement, the amount charged had

Beavis loses, consumers beware

The Supreme Court handed down their judgement in the case of Beavis Vs ParkingEye. Unfortunately for Barry Beavis, the motoring public, and in fact, all consumers, the appeal was dismissed. Six of the seven judges found in ParkingEye’s favour, and

A difficult question for the BPA

Whilst not providing much information about how UKPC had been investigated and disciplined, the BPAs recent press release contained details of changes to the BPA Code of Practice. The update included two eye-catching changes, likely prompted by the UKPC affair