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1 *million* increase in private parking tickets last year

Despite the government planning to crack down on private parking companies with the Parking (Code of Practice) Act, they still managed to issue a record number of tickets last year. In the 2018-19 financial year, they issued 6.8 million tickets,

Parking (Code of Practice) Bill Committee meeting (Video)

On Thursday this week the Parking (Code of Practice) Bill Committee met to discuss the new legislation. The parking companies were again torn to shreds by MPs, being described as “rogues, extortionists, scammers, and scoundrels who cannot be trusted to

Hospital worker wins court case against Gemini

From: Jason Hi, just wanted to tell you about my experience in small claims in Manchester today. I was being taken to court by Gemini for allegedly parking at Stepping Hill Hospital and not paying for a ticket. I started

GP ‘unhappy with ruthlessness’ of Creative Parking

From: Scott Hi there, We have an area of our town that has a hospital and two GP practices, but there is no alternative on street parking or other alternatives anywhere near them, even though they are out of the

The parking industry continues the demonstrate inability to protect personal data

The Information Commissioners Office has just fined Islington Council £70,000 for failing to secure 89,000 people’s data on their parking ticket website. Islington Council internally developed a ‘ticket viewer’ website where ticketed motorists could see details of their contravention, such

Defending the indefensible: BPA back UKPC’s new incentive scheme

As Parking Prankster noted last week, UK Parking Control (UKPC) has launched a new incentive scheme for their parking attendants. Previously, parking companies rewarded their attendants by issuing bonuses related to the number of tickets issued. From 1st October 2015,

Ex-BPA chief gets suspended jail sentence for outraging public decency

Patrick Troy, who was Chief Executive of the British Parking Association until mysteriously resigning in February, received a suspended jail sentence this week for taking ‘up-skirt’ pictures of women on public transport. The BPA’s original press release said he was

Beavis: It’s not a fine (video)

Barry Beavis, of Beavis Vs ParkingEye fame, has recorded this video explaining what private parking charges are and how to deal with them…

The reason POPLA is struggling?

UPDATED Looking at the ISPA scrutiny board’s (the board that oversees POPLA) January minutes, I spotted the most incredible insight into the new POPLA service provider, Ombudsman Services. The minutes discuss how Ombudsman Services are building up a backlog of

ISPA concerned about Wright Hassall’s independence

Last month we wrote about our concern for Wright Hassall being appointed as the BPA’s private parking appeals service provider for the ‘GPEOL 3,500’. In short, these were the 3,500 cases that London Councils stayed pending the outcome of the

Justice for the ‘GPEOL 3,500’

Earlier this week I heard rumours that a solicitors firm had been appointed to assess the outstanding 3,500 so called ‘GPEOL’ POPLA cases. I was very much surprised at the name of that solicitor, but I will come back to

Not again Barry!!

Poor old Barry Beavis, of ParkingEye Vs Beavis fame, has only gone and got himself another ticket! My car, this morning. @johndewaalqc — Barry Beavis (@BarryBeavis) December 14, 2015 As readers of this site will know, Barry’s last ticket

Am I unreasonable to not name the driver?

From: John Subject: General enquiry Hi, One of your pages says that the registered keeper has no obligation in law to name the driver. As the keeper of a vehicle, I have received a request from a PPC to name

Want to end unfair parking fines? Sign this petition

Barry Beavis has started a petition against disproportionate private parking tickets. Following his loss at the Supreme Court, case law has now been set that allows parking companies to issue arbitrary parking charges. Until this judgement, the amount charged had

Beavis loses, consumers beware

The Supreme Court handed down their judgement in the case of Beavis Vs ParkingEye. Unfortunately for Barry Beavis, the motoring public, and in fact, all consumers, the appeal was dismissed. Six of the seven judges found in ParkingEye’s favour, and

A difficult question for the BPA

Whilst not providing much information about how UKPC had been investigated and disciplined, the BPAs recent press release contained details of changes to the BPA Code of Practice. The update included two eye-catching changes, likely prompted by the UKPC affair

UKPC punishment: “You’re breaking our balls, Patwick”

Yesterday, the British Parking Association issued a statement that they have disciplined UKPC following their investigation of ‘timestamp tampering’ by their parking attendants. What were the findings of the investigation and punishment you may ask? We have no idea. The

The Parking Cowboys survey results are out!

Through August, we collected data from motorists who have received private parking tickets. We wanted to know what the ticket was for, who issued it, and where. Most importantly, we wanted to find out whether motorists were knowlingly breaking the

Have you had a ticket from UK Parking Control?

You may have seen in the news recently that parking attendants employed by UK Parking Control (UKPC) at a car park in Lincoln have allegedly been altering time stamps on tickets to make it appear that cars have overstayed. The

Are ParkingEye PCNs invalid?

From: Andy Parking on Parking Eye sights can be fun especially because they don’t include their email address in their Parking Charge Notices making them invalid [BPA code of conduct]. They didn’t even contest mine when I pointed it out.

Beavis Vs ParkingEye: And now we wait…

This week saw the Beavis Vs ParkingEye appeal hearing at the Supreme Court. During the hearing the court requested further submissions to clarify the nature of the contract between the motorist and ParkingEye. The final decision is not expected until

A short documentary on private parking

Here’s a short documentary on the private parking industry, featuring the Beavis Vs ParkingEye case.

A nice summary of the law around the Beavis case

I came across a post by a user called ‘Bumpole’ on the Pepipoo forum which neatly summaries the applicable law to the Beavis case. The post is reproduced below for your enjoyment: I was having a quick after-work drink in

ParkingEye ruined my marriage!

From: Anonymous I was recently a passenger in a car which overstayed in a supermarket car park. I was distressed to find out that it was not just the car registration number that was photographed but the front of the

A nice POPLA win against ParkingEye

From: Patrick Just wanted to say thanks for the great advice on the site. I recently had my appeal against a parking eye ticket accepted and the charge cancelled. The popla ruled that the operator did not have the authority

Proserve lose Judicial Review, can’t access DVLA data

The long story of Proserve and their attempts to operate without being a member of an Accredited Trade Association (ATA) appear to be over following the Judicial Review decision handed down yesterday. The back story is that Proserve, a small

Beavis Supreme Court appeal date set!

We’ve just heard that the Beavis vs ParkingEye appeal at the Supreme Court has been listed for July 21st to 23rd 2015. With the current backlog of cases, it would have probably not been heard until late 2016. However, the

Beavis appeal registered, POPLA stay cases

Barry Beavis has finally registestered his appeal to the Supreme Court, having gathered the funds over the past month. It’s not yet clear when the case will be heard. In the filing, John De Waal QC (Barry’s counsel) has requested

IPC have a pop at BPA

Today I spotted an interesting post on the Money Saving Expert forum. An ex-private parking industry worker posted an open letter that the IPC sent to the BPA. It appears that the IPC is getting concerned that the BPA’s calls

ParkingEye Vs Beavis: Appeal target reached!

He’s done it! In one day, Barry Beavis has raised the £6,000 needed to lodge his appeal at the Supreme Court; this one is going to penalties! (no pun intended) Well done to everyone that contributed. Whilst Barry’s name is

ParkingEye Vs Beavis: Please contribute to the appeal fund!

As reported yesterday, Barry Beavis’ appeal was dismissed by the Court of Appeal. However, the court did grant him the option of appealing to the Supreme Court. Following that, Barry has decided to go all the way but he needs

ParkingEye Vs Beavis: Appeal dismissed

Today at the Court of Appeal, the judgement on the case of ParkingEye Vs Beavis was handed down. Lord Justice Moore-Bick, Lord Justice Patten, and Sir Timothy Lloyd decided that Barry Beavis’ appeal is DISMISSED. On initial inspection, this is

The RAC finally wake up to the private parking industry

Friday was an interesting day on planet parking; ahead of next week’s case at the Court of Appeal, the RAC Foundation released a report on the private parking industry. The report, Private Parking, Public Concern contains an assessment of the

McDonalds, Toys R Us, Matalan, Aldi – ParkingEye are losing you customers!

To the directors of retail outlets, Please have a look at this selection of tweets from YOUR customers. Well, I say customers, I doubt they will return. Sorry @toysrusuk we won’t be using your Stevenage store again due to Parking

ParkingCowboys template appeal scares off ParkingEye

From: adrian Hi. My wife received a charge notice for parking in Aldi Southampton from Parking eye. We used your template letter to appeal and they cancelled the charge straight away. So, thank you very much. Adrian That’s great news.

Defending the indefensible

If you’re after a laugh then listen to this interview from Three Counties Radio this morning. Iain Lee, of 11 O’Clock Show fame, was interviewing Dave Smith, the Head of Public Affairs from the British Parking Association (BPA) on private

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything”

The BPA’s Monday Musing this week revealed a rather embarrassing Kinsley Gaffe. In their Victory? What victory? piece, the BPA try to justify the enormous private parking ‘management’ industry, citing poor parking by (what they freely admit is) a small

Readers’ emails: Is the Protection of Freedoms Act retrospective?

From: David Subject: Small Claims Court Hi, I have recently received a County Court summons from Civil Enforcement Limited (“CEL”). It relates to a supermarket parking ticket in July 2012 for overstaying by 10 minutes their 2 hr allowed time.

Readers’ emails: Ignored Care Parking ticket

From: Victoria Subject: Private Parking / Disabled Hi There. Thank you for your site – it is very useful. I have a query however that falls into two categories and there is so much mixed advice out there that I

Readers’ emails: Rental company being taken to court

From: Steve Subject: Being taken to court – No notice to owner or charge cert issued. Hi, I’m being taken to Small Claims court on septemtsebr 30th by Combined Parking Solutions, Bilston and would appreciate a little guidance please. I