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Readers’ emails: District Enforcement lose in court

From: Daniel Just to let you know we won district enforcement ltd v Robinson at Chester Confusing signage which does not state what is short stay as contradicts there signage. We were awarded 200.00 by the judge payable in 14

Readers emails: Civil Enforcement (CEL) fail in couirt

From: Mark I have just been to Court with CEL, i won my defence within minutes. The reason was that the signage states a fine of £100 but does not have a brakedown of additional charges,so Judge asked their Barrister

Readers emails: Faded car park markings

From: Guy Hi, Where can I find any information/advice re legally how clear car park surface markings/signage should be i.e. Is there a case for appeal if said surface markings are faded/not clear Thanks Hi Guy. I assume you’re talking

Readers emails: We’re not the cowboys you’re looking for…

From: [Redacted] Hi I’m enquiring if you have any civil enforcement jobs going I’m an experienced enforcement officer and am looking for a second job doing it I currently work for ukpc and am looking for another 30 hours a

Hospital worker wins court case against Gemini

From: Jason Hi, just wanted to tell you about my experience in small claims in Manchester today. I was being taken to court by Gemini for allegedly parking at Stepping Hill Hospital and not paying for a ticket. I started

A clever tip to prove you didn’t ‘double dip’

From: Darren Hi, I notice that you have some bits on your site about “Double Dipping” and some advise that might help people who have had this scam tried. I recently was double dipped in Sainsbury’s in Kidderminster. I went

Readers’ emails: Link Parking beaten in Bristol

From: Alan I have just successfully defended a case in Bristol CC brought against me by Link Parking. The judge was very critical of them relying on the Beavis case for a car park that is enclosed behind security fencing

Readers’ emails: Two Smart Parking tickets, two successfully defended

From: Jez Hi. Just wanted to say thank you for the information on this site. I fell victim to the Fistral Beach racket twice while on holiday last October. I contested one on the grounds the signage is contrary to

Parking Eye ignoring my vehicle tracker data!

From: Susan Hello, I have received two parking fines from Parking Eye. Dated two days apart but for the same alleged offence. To cut a very long story short the vehicle I was driving had a tracker and there is

MIL Collections back down

From: Adrian Subject: MIL Collections (Truro) I was written to by MIL six months ago claiming a parking debt of £155 was due to them, as the original car park company had sold them details of a vehicle I own

POPLA win against ParkingEye!

From: Colette Just to say thank you for this very useful and informative site. I’ve have just learned that I have been successful in my appeal to POPLA against a £100 fine imposed by Parking Eye for going 12 minutes

Does a parking company need to follow the Protection of Freedoms Act?

From: R Subject: Advice about a parking ticket I have read your comment from “Readers’ emails: Does a parking company need to comply with POFA 2012? Posted on October 27, 2014 by Parking Cowboys. However, I do not really understand

How did the parking company find my address?

From: Phil Subject: Advice about a parking ticket Hi, I have received a parking ticket from a private company for parking by the garages outside my block of flats. It was fine to park here for many yeatrs before suddenly

Readers tweets: Parking issues at place of work

@ParkingCowboys is it inequality when some employees are offered parking permits but not others? #inequality — Rigsby (@RigsbyMusic) December 8, 2015 Hi Rigsby, this is a question about employment equality laws rather than parking – and I’m certainly no expert

Am I unreasonable to not name the driver?

From: John Subject: General enquiry Hi, One of your pages says that the registered keeper has no obligation in law to name the driver. As the keeper of a vehicle, I have received a request from a PPC to name

Help, I’ve got a CCJ from ParkingEye!

From: Julie Subject: Advice about a parking ticket I received a Parking Ticket through the post. This happened whilst in Devon. I was told by Parking Eye that I couldn’t use POPLA. I tried to appeal by sending in the

Readers emails: No evidence of payment

From: Bob Subject: General enquiry Very informative side thank you. in an ANPR controlled car parks 1. Is there a time limit to leave after payment?. 2. Is it written in law that transaction of making payment either by cash

My ex-husband is refusing to pay his parking fine!

From: Susan Subject: Advice about a parking ticket I received a parking ticket for a car that is registered to me but it belongs to my ex husband who is not cooperating by changing ownership or phoning you to pay

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I’ve lost my UKPC parking ticket appeal, what should I do?

From: Dominic Subject: Advice about a parking ticket Message Body: Hi I have been fighting UKPC who have issues me with 4 tickets for parking in my carparking space that is par of my rental agreemnet. However i have appealed

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Are ParkingEye PCNs invalid?

From: Andy Parking on Parking Eye sights can be fun especially because they don’t include their email address in their Parking Charge Notices making them invalid [BPA code of conduct]. They didn’t even contest mine when I pointed it out.

A coffee and a CCJ please!

From: Peter Subject: CCJ against me Hi there. I have recently received a CCJ against me for a parking ticking I received from Parking Eye. I got the ticket for staying in a carpark for too long in a place

Ticketed in my own space!

From: Gian Subject: Advice about a parking ticket Hi there, I’ve got two separate ticketing issues i’d like your advice on. 1 – I received a ticket in my underground carpark on a friends car which was both correctly displaying

The driver lives abroad, can they hold the UK keeper liable?

Hi I have read your website and the Blog, very good information and advise to motorist. I was wondering whether you can assist me with something please. I note from you website  ( especially on the question that has been

Does a misspelt name on my parking ticket invalidate it?

From: Jonathon Received parking charge notice from parking eye but my name is spelt wrongly do I have a chance of appeIng this Hi Jonathon (I assume that’s the correct spelling?), the short answer is no, the misspelling won’t make

Is this an invalid Notice to Keeper?

From: Roger Dear Sir I’d be grateful if you could clarify that a notice to keeper (parking charge notice) must refer to a period of parking to which the notice relates, not only the time and date of issue? Conditions

A nice POPLA win against ParkingEye

From: Patrick Just wanted to say thanks for the great advice on the site. I recently had my appeal against a parking eye ticket accepted and the charge cancelled. The popla ruled that the operator did not have the authority

VCS ticket at my apartment block

From: Ross Hi My parents visited me when vcs had just been introduced to my apartment block. No visitors spaces had been formalised (and still haven’t) and they displayed badge. They got a ticket whilst parking in a non obstructive

Readers’ emails: A non-sticky mess

From: Jane i received a parking ticket last July i appealed it as due to the heat of the sun it had make the sticky become hot curl up and drop off. I took my case to POPLA last September

Should ParkingEye be allowed to operate in NHS car parks?

I received an interesting commment from Patsie Jarman, a reader of this site. Feel free to comment using the comments facility below… The Burton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust uses ParkingEye in the car parks of the trust’s 3 hospitals [The

ParkingEye caught me bang to rights – is it worth appealing?

From: Paul i have got a parking ticket off parking eye, i stayed in a car park that was an hour stay only, the ticket says i stayed for 2 hours 45 mins, which i did. is there any point

ParkingCowboys template appeal scares off ParkingEye

From: adrian Hi. My wife received a charge notice for parking in Aldi Southampton from Parking eye. We used your template letter to appeal and they cancelled the charge straight away. So, thank you very much. Adrian That’s great news.

PPC continues to chase lease company despite naming driver

From: Denis Subject: General enquiry Hi, I have received a PCN and have appealed to the parking company and POPLA who have rejected my grounds. The parking company and debt collector keep writing to the lease company who own the

Supersize parking ticket for McDonalds customer

From: John Subject: Advice about a parking ticket Hello, I received a ticket for parking in a Mcdonalds Car park and not using the restaurant. I did use the restaurant. I sent the receipt to them but after it had

Another poke in the ParkingEye!

From: Roger Subject: Success – ParkingEye Chelmsford…..!!! Using your site info, I have just won against ParkingEye Parking charge of £85-for 2hrs 36mins against 2hrs. Wrote a letter to them detailing exorbitant charge (nearby a council car park charges £2.90

ParkingEye strike again at Sunderland Royal Hospital

From: David Subject: ParkingEye Hello. Just getting in touch wondering if you have come across any similar issues regarding ParkingEye.  I got a penalty charge on 3rd Jan relating to parking at Sunderland Royal Hospital on 22nd December. The parking

Readers’ emails: Wrong registration court case won!

“From: Carol Subject: Case dismissed I thought you may be interested in this. My long awaited appearance at Halifax CC took place on Friday 14th November 2014. I was in front of the DJ by 2pm and out by 2.20

Readers’ emails: ParkingEye sent ticket to my old address

From: A Subject: CCJ issued without my knowledge I had a CCJ issued by ParkingEye for a parkingticket I didn’t pay, not because I didn’t want to but I never received any correspondence. ParkingEye was sending the correspondence to my

Readers’ emails: VCS fined me for 2 minute phone call!

On [date], I had a job interview with a company on the [commercial park]. Afterwards, I pulled into a side road that led onto a patch of disused land in the commercial park in order to answer my phone. I

Readers’ emails: Double dipped in a company car

From: Clare Subject: Advice needed Hi There, I have recieved a parivate parking charge stating that i didnt buy a ticket and was in stated car park for over 50 minutes. What actually happened is that I entered, dropped by

Readers’ emails: Another win at POPLA

From: Neale Subject: Thanks Dear Sirs, I recently received a successful appeal from POPLA after crafting my letters around the information on your site. In particular, the generic template kick-started my refusal to accept such an outlandish ‘fine’, though it