County court parking cases – Friday 30th Nov 2018

Aldershot E3GF5T25 UK Car Park Management Murphy
Aldershot E5GF1T14 UK Car Park Management Prezhdarov
Barnet E3GM601Q Civil Enforcement Scheffer Set Aside
Bristol E3FC5D65 ParkingEye Butt
Croydon E3GF7T08 UK Car Park Management Nedzi
Darlington E7FC1Y3C ParkingEye Beckett-Wise Set Aside
Derby E3FC2Y44 ParkingEye Tracz
Edmonton E6FC1J63 ParkingEye Roble
Edmonton E8GM2W85 Civil Enforcement Adjei-Bohyen
Horsham E2GF2T80 UK Car Park Management Robinson Set Aside
Horsham E2GF8T27 UK Car Park Management Kocadzievski
Leeds D3QZ59TZ MIL Collections Futurama Signs Ltd
Leicester E0GM35D2 Civil Enforcement Ipimoye
Manchester E6GF2K3A HX Car Park Management Fresh First Ltd Set Aside
Newcastle E6QZ9N2F First Parking English
Reading D4FC48GX/2 ParkingEye Edehe Post Set Aside
Reading E5GM400Q Civil Enforcement Wang
Romford E4GF5T55 UK Car Park Management Begum
Sheffield D2FC64E3 ParkingEye Deeley
Sheffield E0QZ4V7H Excel Parking Services Mboueyeu
Slough E6GF92C9 Hounslow Enforcement Syed
Slough E9GF94N6 Parking Control Management (UK) SNB Electrical Ltd
Swansea E1GF9T61 Millennium Door And Event Security Ugbodu
Swansea E3QZ7X06 Excel Parking Services Hilling
Walsall B3QZ035W ANPR Ltd Standish Set Aside
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