County court parking cases – Thurs 6th Dec 2018

Birmingham E5GF55C0 Euro Parking Services Wood
Birmingham E2DP304Z Excel Parking Services Ochnik
Brighton E4GF6T89 UK Car Park Management Cole
Burnley E2FC1Y67 ParkingEye Panson-hughes Set Aside Canterbury E0GF3C3W Parking Control Management (UK) Taylor
Canterbury E5GF2T68 UK Car Park Management Massey
Canterbury E5GF0T38 UK Car Park Management Smith
Canterbury E7HW4M35 UK Parking Control Gomez
Dartford E4GF9C3X Parking Control Management (UK) Lamidi
Dartford E7GF8R80 Parking Control Management (UK) Quinn
Dartford E6FC9E9R ParkingEye Onagoruwa
Dartford E4GF5T36 UK Car Park Management Peoples
Dartford E8GM9J30 Civil Enforcement Ogles
Exeter E0DP8T5Y First Parking Solutions Shilston
Gateshead E7FC3J44 ParkingEye Malawana
Gloucester E8GF2C2V Parking Control Management (UK) Delaney
Maidstone E7GF8R87 Parking Control Management (UK) Roberts
Maidstone E5GF0T97 UK Car Park Management Ficetula
Maidstone E3GF1T11 UK Car Park Management Smeed
Maidstone E2GF0T40 The Pace Recovery and Storage Khan
Manchester E4FC0V43 ParkingEye Smith Set Aside Manchester D3GF13AX SIP Parking Bell Set Aside Medway E2GF8T74 UK Car Park Management Mclaren
Medway E3GF3T25 UK Car Park Management Savage
Nottingham E7QZ8P84 SIP Parking Weir
Portsmouth E7FC9M12 ParkingEye Alayyan
Portsmouth E3GF5T34 UK Car Park Management Brooks
Preston E3DP2P6K National Car Parks Alexander Set Aside Sheffield E2FC4Y58 ParkingEye Spencer Set Aside Slough E7GM5W84 Civil Enforcement Khan Set Aside Southampton E1GM24E0 Civil Enforcement May Set Aside Southampton E2GM925E Civil Enforcement May Set Aside Watford E1GF3C5W Parking Control Management (UK) Sahak
Watford E9GF069Y Parking and Property Management Hunt
Worcester E7QZ7H9Q Vehicle Control Services Parsons
Worcester E4QZ6F25 Vehicle Control Services Parsons
Worcester E4QZ7F34 Vehicle Control Services Parsons

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