County court parking cases – Weds 28th November 2018

Tomorrow’s list

Brentford 2018-11-28 E6GF27C3 Parking Control Management (UK) Farah
Brentford 2018-11-28 D3GF45EM Uk Car Park Management Grover
Bromley 2018-11-28 D8GF6Z2A Pace Recovery And Storage Goulding
Caernarfon 2018-11-28 E7QZ7E4T Excel Parking Services Munasinghe
Cardiff 2018-11-28 E7GF9Q05 Link Parking Plazzon
Cardiff 2018-11-28 E8GF1A40 Link Parking Smedley
Cardiff 2018-11-28 E1GF9T56 Millennium Door And Event Security Lau
Clerkenwell 2018-11-28 E8GF6V83 Link Parking Chittock Set Aside
Clerkenwell 2018-11-28 D2QZ72HY London Parking Solutions Singh Set Aside
GreatGrimsby 2018-11-28 C7FC2Q0D Parkingeye Barker
Huddersfield 2018-11-28 E3QZ34J8 Vehicle Control Services Manbir Bains
Hull 2018-11-28 C2DP78CZ Vehicle Control Services Smith
Kingston 2018-11-28 E9GF94N4 Parking Control Management (UK) Charles
Liverpool 2018-11-28 E2QZ8H9Q Vehicle Control Services Litus Property
Manchester 2018-11-28 E7GM2H11 Civil Enforcement Crowther Set Aside
Manchester 2018-11-28 D2FC9R8G Parkingeye Khan Set Aside
Manchester 2018-11-28 D2GF79Y5 Sip Parking Daniel Set Aside
Mansfield 2018-11-28 E2FC1D9H Parkingeye Preston
Medway 2018-11-28 E5GF0T96 Uk Car Park Management Grumdy Set Aside
Nottingham 2018-11-28 E5GF48C9 Euro Parking Services Wilson
Nottingham 2018-11-28 E1FC29N7 Parkingeye Morshadizadeh
Nottingham 2018-11-28 E3QZ837Y Vehicle Control Services Zakaria
Nuneaton 2018-12-03 E2FC9Y56 Parkingeye Block
Southampton 2018-11-28 E4DP7E5V Countrywide Parking Management Limited Brown
StHelens 2018-11-28 C9DP91P6 Excel Parking Services Copplestone
StHelens 2018-11-28 C5FC859T Parkingeye Rigby
Teesside 2018-11-28 E1FC2D8H Parkingeye Booth Set Aside
Teesside 2018-11-28 E7FC8J60 Parkingeye Weegram
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