County court parking cases – Weds 5th Dec 2018

Barnsley E1DP6F84 Vehicle Control Services Burdekin
Bromley D3GF41AW / 2 Parking Control Management (UK) Grant Post Set Aside Durham E3FC7E4T ParkingEye Howe Set Aside Guildford E8QZ7X88 UK Parking Control Jenkins
Guildford E3FC3Y94 ParkingEye Garman
Luton E2GF6M018 Parking and Property Management Blackaller
Staines E1GF5C1Y Parking and Property Management Kaliszewicz
Staines E4GF9C3Y Parking and Property Management Alladaye
Wakefield E1DP6F49 Vehicle Control Services Bernard
Wigan E1QZ4E77 Vehicle Control Services Foster

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