FOI: Which private parking companies have been suspended?

For interest, here’s the results of an FOI request to DVLA about which parking companies have been suspended from accessing the DVLA database. As we know, private parking companies require access to the DVLA database to find the keeper of vehicles that they’ve issued tickets to. Without information about the keeper, parking companies would find it difficult, if not impossible, to enforce parking tickets.

However, in order to access this data, parking companies must be signed up to a Accredited Trade Association and follow their rules. If they don’t then the DVLA can revoke access to their database – and that’s what has happened to these companies.

The full FOI request can be found here:

Table of parking companies suspended by the DVLA
Private parking companies suspended by the DVLA

The parking companies who are currently suspended (as of 27/4/20):

  • VP Parking Solutions
  • Serval PCN Ltd
  • LDK Security Group Ltd (three times)

The parking companies previous suspended:

  • Observices Parking Consultancy (three times)
  • MET Parking
  • Excel Parking Services
  • Smart Parking
  • Close Unit Protection Services Ltd
  • UK Parking Control Ltd (two times)
  • UKCPS Ltd
  • Parking Enforcement & Security Services Ltd