Further help

This website is intended to give you a good oversight and information about private parking charges. However, if you do have questions not answered here, then there are some good sites on the internet to get good advice from knowledgeable people.

PePiPoo – Have a search on PePiPoo for cases similar to your own. Reading through the threads you’ll find loads of useful information. If you need to, start a thread – there’s always load of people on there ready to support you.

Private Parking Appeals – This company offer low price appeals and legal services. This company’s experts are some of the most active members of the Pepipoo and MoneySavingExpert forums. If you’re not confident or able to write your own appeal, let them do it for you. If court action has been started against you, they can provide you responses and defence arguments.

MoneySavingExpert – Similar to PePiPoo and lots of good advice, but forum is not specifically about private parking. Only reservation here is that the moderation seems to be a bit overzealous with no right to reply.

Consumer Action Group – Again, similar to the other two, though I’ve not spent as much time on this site.

Please bear in mind that if you do post details of your case on the internet then you should not give away your identity or any information that could be used against you later (e.g. admitting something which contradicts information provided to the court).

If you know of other good sources of help, please let us know.

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