Hospital parking tickets

Hospital car parks are another domain that private parking companies are operating in. With NHS budget pressures, car parks have been looked upon as a way of generating income for hospitals. However, many people have observed aggressive enforcement actions, with parking companies dishing out expensive parking tickets unfairly and without any sort of compassion.

As we’ve discussed elsewhere on the site, these companies’ business models requires them to issue tickets to make money, and to do this they enforce parking rules very strictly. This does not really sit well with the hospital environment, given that the minds of users of these car parks are often on other things.

The Daily Mail recently ran an article about an incident at University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff where a parking warden from Vinci Park UK issued ten  £30 tickets to a woman undergoing an emergency kidney transplant who had displayed her blue badge AND had put a notice in the window explaining her condition. Read more here.

The good news is that these tickets can be treated exactly like any other private parking ticket. They’re not fines, they’re not the same as council or police issued parking tickets, they’re invoices requesting payment for allegedly breaking a contract.

To learn more, read on….

  1. Understand what private parking tickets are
  2. Find out how they’re issued and enforced
  3. Decide whether to appeal
  4. Decide whether to pay
  5. How to fight back

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