Legal FAQs

On this page we’ll try to answer some of your FAQs…

The letter from the PPC mentions getting a Norwich Pharmacal Order (NPO) – what’s that?

As you’ll know from reading the Legal Enforcement section, the contract is between the parking company and the driver – not the owner or keeper of the vehicle. If they don’t know who the driver is, then the PPC will write to the Registered Keeper. However, the RK has no legal obligation to the PPC to tell them who was driving. So, one of the tactics the PPC uses is to threaten the RK with getting a Norwich Pharmacal Order (NPO) from a court to compel the RK to disclose this information.

That’s all well and good, apart from the following points:

  1. The cost of the NPO is not recoverable from the defendant – they must do it at their own cost for hundreds or thousands of pounds – and that will almost certainly be more than the value of the claim itself!
  2. It’s unlikely that it would be granted for such a trivial matter as a parking ticket

There’s a thread here where a PPC tried and failed to get an NPO, and here’s a good summary of what an NPO is. Summary is, this is all bluster to scare the RK into providing the drivers details.