N1 claim form

The N1 claim form is used to initiate a small claim; that is a claim of under £100,000. Parking companies wishing to enforce parking tickets or Parking Charge Notices (PCN) via the courts use these forms to make their claim against a driver or keeper of the vehicle.

When a parking company wishes to enforce a ticket they complete the N1 claim form, either online (via Money Claim Online) or on a paper form. The form requires them to provide the following information:

  • Claimant details – the parking company or landowner
  • Defendant details – the motorist or registered keeper
  • Brief details of claim
  • Value
  • Particulars

When issuing a claim, the parking company or landowner must pay a fee – typically between £15 and £25. This amount will be added to the amount claimed from the defendant.

If a paper form is used this is sent to the Money Claim Centre in Salford, whereas if it is done online this is processed in Northampton. Once processed the form is stamped with a court seal and sent to the defendant.

It is not unknown for parking companies to complete N1 claim forms and send them directly to the defendant. Since most people have never seen an N1 claim form before, they may think a claim has been issued and pay up. This tactic is used to get defendants to pay without the parking company incurring the issuing fee. However, if the N1 claim form does not have a court seal stamped on it, then it’s not yet been issued.

If you receive an N1 claim form, you must either pay or fill in the response forms within 14 days to defend the claim. You may ask for an additional 14 days by filling in the Acknowledgement of Service form. In these cases you would be wise to request the additinal time whilst you work out how you will defend the claim.

Defending a private parking ticket in court can be a complex business, and this site does not attempt to discuss how one might do this. If you receive a claim form, then you would be advised to either:

  • Get help on one of the online forums. There are many knowledgable people willing to help defend these cases
  • Get help from a solicitor. A solicitor will be able to help, but the costs will likely be in excess of the small amount being claimed