POPLA Code Checker

This is our POPLA Code Checker. By entering your POPLA verification code and the date of your rejection letter it will decode it to confirm it is valid, calculate your appeal deadline, and identify any other issues with the code. Please note:

  • The POPLA Code Checker only checks that the format of the code is correct. We do not have access to POPLA’s records and cannot validate that the code has actually been issued by an operator
  • The POPLA verification code is not transmitted to the Parking Cowboys website. The code checking is performed by JavaScript within your browser
  • The information provided by the Code Checker is used at your own risk. If in doubt, please contact POPLA or the parking company directly

POPLA Code Checker

POPLA verification code:    (e.g. 9990014012)
Date of rejection letter:   (e.g. 1/1/2014)

PS. Remember when you make your POPLA appeal, make sure you know how to win!

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