Low cost Appeals and Legal services

ParkingCowboys.co.uk are partnering with Private Parking Appeals Ltd to provide a number of low cost services to help you fight your parking ticket. The company is run by a group of experts with a very high success rate against companies such as Parking Eye, UK Parking Control, Excel Parking, and Civil Enforcement.

Private Parking Appeals can help you at whatever stage you’re at with your parking ticket, whether you’ve received a ticket in the post today, you’ve received a county court claim form, or even a County Court Judgement.

For more information explore the following pages:

  • Appeals service (for windscreen tickets, or tickets received through the post)
  • Legal service (for Letter Before County Court Judgements, and N1 claim forms)

If you would like to make a general enquiry, use this form. For Terms and Conditions of the service click here.

Remember, all of the information on ParkingCowboys.co.uk is provided for free and will always remain so. However, if you don’t want the hassle or you’re too busy to deal with it, then give Private Parking Appeals a go.