The Parking (Code of Practice) Act 2019

The Parking (Code of Practice) Act 2019 is a piece of legislation in the United Kingdom that regulates private parking in England and Wales. It was introduced to address concerns about the lack of transparency and accountability in the private parking industry, and to provide greater protection for motorists who use private parking facilities.

The Act establishes a single code of practice for private parking enforcement companies, which sets out clear standards for transparency, fairness, and accountability. The code of practice was developed by the British Standards Institution (BSI) in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, including parking operators, motorists, consumer groups, and local authorities.

Under the Act, parking enforcement companies are required to be members of an accredited trade association, such as the British Parking Association or the International Parking Community, and to comply with the code of practice. If they fail to do so, they may be subject to fines or other penalties.

The code of practice includes a range of provisions aimed at improving transparency and fairness in private parking enforcement. For example, it requires parking enforcement companies to provide clear and accurate information about parking charges, restrictions, and appeals procedures, and to give motorists a reasonable period of time to pay or appeal a parking charge notice.

The Act also establishes an independent appeals service for motorists who wish to challenge parking charges. The appeals service is free of charge for motorists, and decisions are binding on the parking enforcement company. This provides an important safeguard for motorists who feel that they have been unfairly targeted by private parking operators.

In addition, the Act enables local authorities to take action against rogue parking operators who do not comply with the regulations. This includes the power to issue fines, revoke licenses, and even take legal action to recover unpaid parking charges.

The Parking (Code of Practice) Act 2019 represents an important step forward in regulating private parking in England and Wales. It provides greater protection for motorists, improves transparency and fairness in private parking enforcement, and helps to ensure that private parking operators operate in a responsible and accountable manner.