The Parking Cowboys survey results are out!

Through August, we collected data from motorists who have received private parking tickets. We wanted to know what the ticket was for, who issued it, and where. Most importantly, we wanted to find out whether motorists were knowlingly breaking the rules, and whether it would impact their choice on using that car park again.

The results are not pretty for the parking industry.

Some highlights of the results include:

  • In 75% of cases, the motorist wasn’t even aware that there was a maximum stay
  • 9 out of 10 motorists ticketed were genuine customers of that facility
  • Half of motorists won’t return to the retail location where they were ticketed

As a result of the survey, we would urge the industry to reconsider their schemes. They need to be more intelligent to target real abusers, and not the genuine customers being caught in the crossfire.

We would urge landowners to take a look at the results and consider whether it is effective and simply fair on their customers to employ such schemes.

Finally, we would urge the Government to consider these results – right now, we consider that such schemes are unfair on the public.

Anyway, please take a look at the results yourself – click here to go to the ParkingCowboys Survey Results.

1 Comment on “The Parking Cowboys survey results are out!

  1. I just received a parking charge notice at from the euro car park. I was a customer at 4 of the big shops Matalan, TK-Maxx,Asda and Sainsbury in that order.
    I am now being penalised for taking time to shop smart.
    I believe the shops upon entry,should make customers aware that time for perusing their products is limited in oder not to incur charges from their agents if truly they are being represented by this car park collector which we are unaware.